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Conversational Agents and Speech Interfaces for Learning (CS-BWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence, CS-BWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics, CS-MP-IDC - Interdisciplinary Course, CS-MWP-AI - Artificial Intelligence, CS-MWP-CL - (Computational) Linguistics)




In this practical seminar we will develop conversational agents that can be used for learning. In teams of 1-3 students, the participants will select a learning topic, a platform for development (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Telegram Bot, Google Assistant, Slack, ...) and will work on the didactic concept and storyboard as well as on the practical implementation. Basic programming skills are needed, everything else will be acquired in the run of the course with agile learning methods.

Weitere Angaben

Ort: 69/125
Zeiten: Fr. 12:00 - 14:00 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin: Fr , 01.11.2019 12:00 - 14:00, Ort: 69/125
Veranstaltungsart: Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)


  • Cognitive Science > Bachelor-Programm
  • Cognitive Science > Master-Programm